Teaching at Vancouver Film School

Vancouver Film School is a world renowned institution known for it's high quality of output from it's students within various entertainment fields. I taught all level design related material in the Game Design program, interacting with a little over 200 students, some of which have gone on to work on industry leading studios.


Level Design Instructor




Unreal Engine 4 and Unity









Key Responsibilities:

  • Updated entire level design curriculum with current and relevant industry experience
  • Mentored students through the creative process of level design and project development
  • Graded student’s work according to an objective and qualitative rubric to assess level design aptitude
  • Taught students level design theory, practical processes, hands on tools and efficient workflows
  • Former pupils now hold positions at studios includingThe Coallition, EA, BioWare, Kabaam, Capcom, Ubisoft, Hothead, Relic, East Side Games, IUGO, Klei, Piranha, Blackbird, Larian Studios, 343 Industries, and CD PROJEKT RED

Level Design 1: Theory

Level Design 1 is all about students getting a baseline theory of how to critically look at and apply level design.

Broke down how to design a level.



  • Wrote seven lesson plans
  • Created and graded three assignments

Level Design 2: Practical

Level Design 2 was all about learning practical skills with the tools.

Taught unreal.

How to create and edit level geometry.

Basic entity setup, lights, sphere reflections.

Deep dive into 2D level design.

Deep dive into FPS level design.


  • Taught students how to use unreal
  • Taught 2d level design
  • Taught fps level design

Level Design 3

Level Design 3 is the first opt in course in level design. Meaning that we can start to be more complex than before.

The entire course revolves around create a single player level set in a action adventure RPG. The player's must build and overworld and dungeon. In the sister course, mission design, the students also makes a mission that takes them from the various locations that they build out.


  • Taught dungeon design
  • Taught town design
  • Taught action adventure rpg design
  • Created and graded assignments
  • Rubric
  • Course outline

Level Design 4

Level Design 4 is about specialization. We deep dive into three common sub-sets of level design to learn more on how to create them. They are track design, puzzle design and cover combat layouts.


  • Taught students track design
  • Taught students puzzle design
  • Taught students layout design

Mission Design

Mission design goes hand in hand with Level Design 3. Students create a multi stage quest that brings them to different areas they've created in level design 3.


  • Taught quest design