Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned

Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned was set to be an Action-Adventure-RPG. A game based around the player choosing to be a swashbuckling Legendary captain, or a supernatural Dreaded pirate. It was also set 15 years before the first film, to disassociate with the films and to give the game creative freedom.


Quest Designer


Action Adventure RPG






Propaganda Games


Disney Interactive Media Group





Key Responsibilities:

  • Designed and implemented a portion of the main quest and over a dozen side quests
  • Set up quest data (journal entries, markers, rewards, availability, etc.) and steps in the quest manager
  • Set up gameplay (spawning NPCs, triggers, behaviours, conversations, etc.)
  • Worked closely with writers, animators and world artists to create coherent content
  • Prototyped AI vs. AI combat using behaviour tree and animation state machines
  • Designed and prototyped various level interactions, like flag raising

Act 2.1: San Juan

San Juan was Act 2.1 in the main story. It accounted for about 1/5th of the single player critical path. Act 2 as a whole revolved around collecting three important relics to make the player's ship powerful enough to face the Armada of the Damned.

Act 2.1 in particular, revolved around Sterling sailing past the blockades around the Spanish settlement San Juan and retrieving the ship's wheel from the masion of his the main villain, Moldonado. The events transpire around a party Moldonado is throwing, allowing the player to steal a disguise from a famous Spanish player, Benito de La Cruz.

Or if the player is dreaded, they could storm the ramparts and breach Maldonados palace from the back.


  • Designed and implemented Act 2.1, which involved X quests
  • Worked with level artists on layout
  • Worked with writers for story

First Mate: Charlotte

First mates were side kick characters that had major pressence on the player's ship. If the player was legendary, they could choose Charlotte as their first mate. Charlotte was a britsh actress turned pirate that was down on her luck. The quest and story arc revolves around clearing her name and debt with Blackbeard, and utilizing her acting skills to manipulate the player's adversaries.

It culminated in putting on a play for Blackbeard.


  • Involved X quests

Side Quests

Character database. 

Open world side quests.


  • Designed and implemented 10 side quests