Early Life

I’ve had an enormous passion for video games ever since I played Zaxxon on my dad’s Calecovision. The first time I encountered game development tools was when I was nine years old; I accidentally opened up the editor for Warcraft II instead of the game. Unbeknownst to me at the time, that was the start of my great adventure into the realm of game development.


Since I've started working professionally, I've accumulated over 12 years of industry experience. that I've worked with various studios and publishers, such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft Montreal, Radical Entertainment, Propaganda Games, teaching at Vancouver School and program director at Centre for Entertainment Arts. Having a broad history has allowed me to learn many different processes and methodologies, and learning from the challenges along the way.


Creative problem solving is my driving motivator day to day. I love that there isn't a knowledge or skill cap to game development because technologies, trends and player taste are always evolving. I love nothing more than jamming on a tough problem and coming up with some creative solutions.

One of my key values is attention to detail and craftsmanship. Approaching the creative process from a craftsperson perspective and taking great care on how the player will experience the game - how they'll think and feel. From the smallest tuning in pacing, to the overall shape of the game, all should be created with this philosophy in mind.

I also deeply care about design in the pursuit of betterment for entertainment and art. I love reading from various fields and seeing how to apply them to games, such as architecture, psychology and economics to name a few. Along with playing other forms of games such as board and table top games.